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Enhance your scripture study with the help of immersive, visual technology

BYU Virtual Scriptures is an interdisciplinary group that builds interactive apps and virtual reality experiences to enhance your scripture study. These efforts are funded by BYU's College of Religious Education and generous donors which means that you can use everything on this site for free.

Available Resources

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for future products or improvements.
An image of a temple in Jerusalem

Virtual New Testament

The Virtual New Testament app’s purpose is to enhance your scripture study by allowing you to experience the city, immerse yourself in the world of Jesus’ mortal ministry, and engage with various objects in that setting.
An image of the possible layout of Nephite land

Book of Mormon Conceptual Map

The Book of Mormon app is used to help you follow the various journeys of the people and understand the significance of the locations mentioned in the Book of Mormon.
An image of a recreation of Mormon's cave

Artistic Walkthrough of Mormon's Cave

Explore our artistic walkthrough of Mormon’s Cave on your computer. Learn about the various collections of records (plates) that Mormon used to compile and abridge this book.